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iOS Jailbroken Cydia Tweaks and Themes!

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You might not know what Cydia Tweaks are

Cydia is what you get when you jailbreak your idevice

Tweaks are what you get from Cydia 

This makes your device more easier to use and look cooler.

If You Rather WATCH How To Do This Click on Any of the Underlined Words and it Will Send you to The Tweak You Are Looking For.

My Themes:

YUKI HD (insanelyi)

YUKI AndroidLock XT 

YUKi LS (insanelyi)

YUKI SB Weather (insanelyi)

Boot Logos:

iNinja BootLogo

ArcReactor Boot Logo

Cydia Theme Ambriel! iOS 6 Compatible!

Cydia Source for these Themes:

insanelyi Repository (

Theme: Abriel


Ambriel AZERTY CK (color keyboard theme for Ambriel)

Ambriel iP4 or iP5 Walls (Ambriel Wallpapers)

Ambriel Live Clock Icon 

Ambriel LS Weather (Ambriel Weather for Lockscreen)

Ambriel SB Weather (Ambriel Weather Widget)

Ambriel Theme Review!

Dreamboard Themes:


Windows Vista HD

GridPhoneos (insanelyi)
iSTS Twilight Pro (insanelyi)
Metroon (insanelyi)
OS X Lion Ultimatum HD (insanelyi)
1950 (insanelyi)

AppleWEB HD (iHacksRepo)

iWphone8 (insanelyi)

Cydia Sources Needed for Some Tweaks!

 Cydia Source Names
 Cydia Sources
  BassamKassem -
Comes with Cydia
Comes with Cydia
Dev Team
Comes with Cydia
Animated Background
Paid Tweaks for Free Cydia
  In-App Store Purchases FREE
 insanelyi Repository
  Paid Tweaks for Free
AppCake Official Repository
  Comes with Cydia
  SiNfuL iPhone Repo
  Paid Tweaks for Free
  TekWik Repo
  Paid Tweaks for Free
  ZodTTD & MacCiti
  Comes with Cydia
25PP Official Repository

Cydia Tweaks You Should Get (Most can be found in the settings when downloaded)


Abstergo (insnaleyi) Cydia Tweak Abstergo! Set Reminders For Your Messages! 

Accentify (insanelyi) Cydia Tweak Accentify! Customize your Operating System UI! 

Activator (BigBoss)

AirBlue Sharing (insanelyi)

Android Delete (insanelyi) Cydia Tweak Android Delete! Delete Apps Like An Android! 

AndroidLockXT (insanelyi) Cydia Tweak AndroidLockXT

animate fix for iOS 4.x.x/5.0.x (ModMyi) Cydia Tweak AnimateAll

AnimateAll (insanelyi) Cydia Tweak AnimateAll

atom (insanelyi) Cydia Tweak atom! Android Style Grabby! 

Auto AppTranslate (insanelyi)

Auxo (insanelyi) Cydia Tweak Auxo! Advanced Mutitaking System! 

Axis (insanelyi) Cydia Tweak Axis! Grabby Simplified 

Barrel (insanelyi)  Cydia Tweak Barrel

BootLogo (don't need to download come in settings when you donload a boot logo)

biteSMS (BigBoss) Cydia Tweak biteSMS

Bridge (insanelyi) How to Download Music or Videos on you Jailbroken iDevice

BytaFont (ModMyi) Cydia Tweak BytaFont! Change Your iDevice Font! 

CameraTweak (insanelyi) Cydia CameraTweak Advanced Camera 

Cascade (insanelyi) Cydia Tweak Cascade

ChangeCarrier (BigBoss) Cydia Tweak ChangeCarrier

Clean Up Crap (cuc) (insanelyi) How to Completely Clean Your iDevice! Using Terminal! 

Clear Badges (BigBoss) Cydia Tweak Clear Badges! Clear All Annoying Badges on Your Apps! 

CleverPin (insanelyi) Cydia Tweak CleverPin! Never Need To Enter Your Password At Home AGAIN! 

Color Keyboard (xSellize) Cydia Tweak Color Keyboard

Cydia Patch (Repo Cydia)

Cyueue (insanelyi)

Dashboard X (insanelyi) Cydia Tweak Dashboard X Custom Home Screen Dashboard!

DeepEnd (xSellize) Cydia Tweak DeepEnd

Deck (insanelyi) Cydia Tweak Deck! Settings on the Side! 

DreamBoard (ModMyi) Cydia Tweak Dreamboard

Display Recorder (insanelyi) How to Record your iDevice Screen

DisplayOut (insanelyi) (Apple TV and iPhone Users only)

Dreamboard (ModMyi) Cydia Winterboard Alternative Dreamboard

FolderEnchancer (insanelyi)

Grabby (insanelyi) Cydia Tweak Grabby! Open Applications From Your Lockscreen! 

Graviboard (insanelyi)

Gridlock 2 (xSellize) Cydia Tweak Gridlock 2.0! Put Your Apps ANYWHERE!

Harlem Shake (BigBoss) Cydia Tweak Harlem Shake! Make your Apps Do the Harlem Shake! 

HiPStore (Repo Cydia)

iAP Craker (xSellize) How to get In-App Purchases for FREE (iOS 5 Only)

iAP Cracker List (Optional) (iOS 5 Only)

iBlank (ModMyi) Gridlock Alternative iBlank!

iCleaner (BIgBoss) Cydia App iCleaner! Clean Your iDevice! 

iFile (insanelyi)

Infiniboard  (xSellize) Cydia Tweak Infinite Everything

Infinidock  (xSellize) Cydia Tweak Infinite Everything

Infinifolders  (xSellize) Cydia Tweak Infinite Everything

Installous 5 ( How to Download Installous 5 *OUTDATED*

InstaSafe (ModMyi) Cydia Tweak InstaSafe! Easiest Way to Go Into Safe Mode! 

iSounds (BigBoss)

JellyLock (maxkatxmann) Cydia Tweak JellyLock! Android Style Lockscreen! 

Movie Box (insanelyi) Cydia App Movie Box Watch Movies for FREE! 

lang2ez (insanelyi) How to Completely Clean Your iDevice! Using Terminal! 

LivelyIcons (insanelyi) Cydia Tweak Lively Icons

LivePapers (BigBoss)

LocallAPStore (In-AppStore) Cydia Tweak LocallAppstore! FREE In-App Purchases iOS 6 SUPPORTED! 

Lockscreen Settings (BigBoss) Cydia Tweak Lockscreen Settings 

MobileTerminal (NEW) (insanelyi) How to Completely Clean Your iDevice! Using Terminal! 

MountainCenter (insanelyi) Cydia Tweak MountainCenter! Never Have Notification Center in the Middle! 

Motion (insanelyi) How to Make your Apps Move! Cydia Tweak Motion

Movie Box (insanelyi)  Cydia App Movie Box Watch Movies for FREE! 

MultiIconMover (BigBoss) Cydia Tweak MultiIconMover

MusicCenter for Notifications Center (xSellize)

Music HUD (BigBoss)

NCsettings (ModMyi) Cydia Tweak NCSettings! SBSettings Alternative! 

neurocube Siri (insanelyi) (SIRI USERS ONLY!)

NyanSliders (ModMyi) Cydia Tweak NyanSliders! Make Your Sliders Nyan Cat! 

PageNamers (BigBoss) Cydia Tweak PageNamers! Name All Your Pages! 

PasswordPilot (BigBoss) Cydia Tweak PasswordPilot! Never Have to Enter Your App Store Password Again! 

PAT Setup for iOS 6 (TekWiki) (SiRI)

PP (25pp)

ProTube (xSellize) How to Download Music or Videos on you Jailbroken iDevice

Romance Fatal Serif Font (ModMyi) Cydia Tweak BytaFont! Change Your iDevice Font! 

ScrollThindicator (BigBoss)

SBSettings (BigBoss) How to Stop All Backround Running Apps! 

ScreenSplitr (BigBoss) (iDemo Users Only!) Mirror Your iDevice Screen Cydia App ScreenSplitr and iDemo! 

Scroll Thindicator (BigBoss) Cydia Tweak ScrollThindicator! Make the FAT Scroll Bar Thinner! 

SleepFX (xSellize)  Cydia Tweak SleepFX

SliderWidth (ModMyi) Cydia Tweak SliderWidth! Customize Your Slider Width! 

Software Update Killer (BigBoss)

Speed Intesifier (insaenlyi)

Springtomize 2 - iOS 5 & 6 (insanelyi)

SuperMusic (insanelyi)

Swipebright (insanelyi) Cydia Tweak Swipe Bright! Easily Change Your Brightness! 

SwipeSelection (BigBoss) Cydia Tweak SwipeSelection! Never Need to Use the Keyboard Again! 

Switchy (insanelyi) Cydia Tweak Switchy! Double Multitasking! 

ThemeIconMaker (BigBoss) Cydia Tweak ThemeIconMaker! Theme All Your Unthemed Apps! 

UnlimTones (BigBoss)

UnlockFX (insanelyi)  Cydia Tweak UnlockFX

User Agent Faker (BigBoss)

Velox (insanelyi) 

vWallpaper 2 for iOS6 (Skrew)

Weather Icon 6 (ModMyi) Cydia Tweak WeatherIcon 6! Add Live Weather to ANY App! 

WeeKillBackground (BigBoss) How to Stop All Backround Running Apps! 

WinterBoard (don't need to download come when you download a theme)

XBMC-IconPack (teamXBMC) Apple TV Users Only

XBMC-iOS (teamXBMC) Apple TV Users Only

Zephyr (xSellize) Cydia Tweak Zephyr! Never Have to Use the Home Button Again! 

%hooks law (BigBoss) Cydia Tweak %hook's law! Give Your Apps A Bounce Effect! 

Notification Center Tweaks:

ClockCenter (ModMyi)

StatusGoogle for NotificationCenter (BigBoss)

Youtube Search for NotificationCenter (BigBoss)

Kamera (ModMyi) NCMusicGestures (BigBoss)

This in my Opinion 25pp is the best Installous Alternative


APP: 25pp


Auto AppTranslate

How to get apps for free 2013+iOS 6 Supported!

ADD THIS SOURCE: or Official Sources beside each Installous Alternatives


AppCake HD (iPhoneCake Repo)



vShare - AppVV


Weather Tweaks:

HTC Weather Animated PerPage (ModMyi) Cydia Tweak HTC Weather Animated PerPage! Animated Weather on Springboard! 

Most Weather Tweaks Need to Be Configured and they Need a Weather code for Your Area For The Weather Tweak to Work Right and Heres How!

How to Find Your Weather Code! 


How to get Installous 5

1.Open Cydia 

2.Go to Manage and go into Sources

3.Go into the source

4.Go to I and hit Instalous 5

5.Hit Install and then hit Confirm

Enjoy Downloading Apps 

If you rather watch how to do this...

How to Download Installous 5

Also see...

How to get paid apps for free on Installous 5


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